Wedding & Event Services


Wedding & Event Services


  •  On-site Care
  •  Worry-free Event
  •  Tailored Entertainment


Fairy Godsitters Provides on-site, wedding and other special event childcare in Austin and Surrounding Areas.

Planning a wedding or other big events can be very stressful. Do you invite kids? If so, how will you keep them safely entertained so that your guests may fully enjoy your special day? Leave your worries about childcare to your very own Fairy Godsitter.

Entertaining Your Smallest Guests

We tailor our business to meet your needs. We will evaluate the event, the number of children and their ages and pick the appropriate sitters to create a unique and fun experience for all. We provide crafts, games, and toys according to their age and gender. Depending on the playroom for your little guest we can bring DVD players and DVDs. We pride ourselves in being able to tailor our services to your big day. Let us know how we can make you day magical! 

All of our sitters have experience, are CPR trained and are put through a screening process that includes interviews, background and reference checks. We only provide the best sitters for you little guest. We know how important safety is to you and your family we feel the same way!  

Wedding & Special Event Childcare Rates

Our rates for weddings and events are $15 an hour per sitter.We have a minimum of three hours for all events.A per-sitter-travel fee will also be charged calculated from a central location. The travel fee starts at $7 and ends at $25 for the Greater Austin Area. Please contact us for travel for areas outside of the Austin area. Contact our event coordinator to discuss all fees and options. We look forward to providing quality care at your wedding or event!

Please contact us at on how we can specifically meet your wedding or large event needs.


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