About Fairy Godsitters, LLC

Mission Statement

To help clients find the best caretakers for their most precious assets, their children. To deliver the highest levels of professionalism, experience and fun. To provide an excellent experience for children, parents and guests in their home, hotel rooms or events.  Fairy Godsitters strives to provide quality childcare in Austin that is flexible in meeting your needs. We pride ourselves on having highly experienced, nurturing, and, most importantly, fun sitters who are capable and willing to adapt to the demands of your unique childcare needs.

About Us

Fairy Godsitters, LLC was founded in 2010 by native Austinite Jennifer Gomez. Jennifer saw the need for a locally owned Austin agency that valued a personal connection with parents. As a mother herself, Jennifer thought of all the qualities in an ideal caregiver: dependable, trustworthy and conscientious, while also being warm, loving and engaging with children. Jennifer started Fairy Godsitters, LLC with a mission to provide childcare services that were just like having your very own fairy godmother and with that, the idea of a Fairy Godsitter was born!

Jennifer endeavors to find caregivers in the Austin, TX area that meet her high expectations, caregivers who are good enough to watch her own children. After all, if it isn’t good enough for her family, it isn’t good enough for yours.